Super EWOT Ozone Sauna & Floatation

Our Balance program is designed to restore balance to your nervous system. Your nervous system supplies and affects every organ, tissue and cell in your body. Balancing the nervous system is an integral part in managing many if not all chronic illnesses, anxiety, and depression. It’s also a key element in managing sleep, as well as clenching and grinding teeth. Above all, it’s necessary for maintaining wellness and overall harmony in our body.

Additionally, Balance targets the Sympathetic Nervous System. This is also known as the “fight, flight, freeze” system, where some people can get stuck. This can lead to anxiety, continuous fear, and an inability to focus, together with the onset of chronic illnesses.

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Ozone Wellness – Balance Program

What to expect

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Super EWOT Ozone Sauna

The Super EWOT Ozone Sauna is unique — you breathe in only purified oxygen from the OxyMax Oxygen Concentrator, and at the same time, sit in our Ozone Sauna. This is a new sauna technology. It infuses oxygen and Ozone — through steam and hot air — into your skin and body in a special cabin.

Oxygen is absorbed through your pores and transferred to your blood system, lymph, and fat tissues. The Ozone Sauna detoxifies the lymphatic system, clears the skin, relaxes your muscles, accelerates blood flow and kills bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. It also increases energy, decreases stress levels, detoxifies, clears the skin and helps with weight loss. Time in the Ozone Sauna will also stimulate your Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is the rest and digest system, will help bring balance to your nervous system again to start the process of healing and regeneration.

The Ozone Sauna will get your body ready for a unique floatation experience. This sauna will also disinfect your skin and help maintain the purest water quality in our Floatation Tank.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness


Our Float Room has been custom-designed specifically for Ozone Wellness — it’s one of few in the world to be BPA free.

The unique custom sound and light isolation is like no other.

Every thought has been put into creating the best sensory deprivation environment possible.

Getting rid of sensory input allows the ‘constantly-make-sure-you’re-not-dying’ part of your brain to relax, allowing the creative brain to engage.

Without the constant pressure of analysing the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol (the main chemical component of stress).

Your brain also releases elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins — the neurotransmitters of happiness.