Perth Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Jan 15, 2024 | Blog

Oxygen Therapy Perth

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Perth Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Alternative

Oxygen therapy is still widely used in treating numerous health issues since it was first introduced over a century ago. While most people in Perth think of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as the only form of receiving this treatment, our wellness studio provides a calmer and more relaxing alternative. Our Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) can provide you with numerous benefits, such as increasing blood flow, enhancing lymph drainage, and boosting your energy without a hyperbaric chamber’s adverse effects.

Why Our Treatment is Better Than Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You can enjoy our warm and welcoming studio and receive tailored treatment from our knowledgeable and experienced team.

  • We use state-of-the-art equipment: Unlike a clinical and uninviting hyperbaric chamber, our EWOT is conducted while you’re seated on a comfortable exercise bike and wearing a large oxygen reservoir bag. You can adjust the bike settings to suit your fitness requirements and select high or low oxygen delivery.
  • Our room is not pressurised: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing oxygen in a pressurised chamber set at two or three times higher than normal air. This procedure can cause complications such as injury to your middle ear, temporary damage to your eyes, and other issues. Our calm and private therapy room is sure to make you feel at ease, and it removes these adverse risks so that you can get the benefits of oxygen therapy without any concern.
  • You can gain more benefits in less time: You can gain numerous benefits from our oxygen therapy in less time than you would have to spend in a hyperbaric chamber. Typically, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can last up to two hours, while our EWOT sessions can last 15 minutes, making it easy to fit a wellness treatment into your busy schedule.

What You Can Expect From Our Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

We provide a wide range of services and can tailor a wellness plan to suit your requirements and support you in achieving your health goals.

  • Improved fitness: Our EXOT program is ideal for various athletes with ranging fitness levels. You can provide your body with the oxygen support it requires and benefit from faster workout recovery, burn more calories, build muscle quicker, and improve stamina.
  • Anti-ageing: The oxygen uptake rate into our cells slows down as we age. You can enhance cell oxygenation with EWOT, which may leave you feeling more energised and slow down the appearance of ageing.
  • Aid in recovery: Whether you have an injury or illness, EWOT can enhance your circulation, which may speed up your recovery or healing process and strengthen your immune system.

Our oxygen therapy can complement traditional medical treatments and support healing for various conditions.

About Ozone Wellness

We are passionate about supporting you in your health journey through cellular nourishment, improving your circulation, detoxing your body, regulating your nervous system, and more. You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable team with any questions or make an appointment to begin your wellness journey in our warm and welcoming studio.