What Is the Inner Milieu?

Jan 19, 2024 | Blog

Inner Milieu

The inner Milieu is the environment in which our cells live.

This environment which is mainly made from water dictates our cell’s capacity to generate energy necessary for our cell’s function and healing. Our Inner milieu is mostly affected by our diet, life style, our mindset and thought process together with our genetic make up (the physical manifestation of which and how to modify it is the current focus of interest worldwide) .

We all know that a healthy child is robust with energy, we can thus attribute health to abundance of energy. Energy by definition is a flow of electrons. A balanced inner milieu will allow the flow of electrons meaning the flow of energy from one cell to the next, thus from one organ to the next.

When electrons flow through a conductor like copper wire, they are there or not . If the switch is on , you have an electron donor, if the switch is off, there are no electrons.

However, our inner milieu is a solution not a hard wire so it offers a different situation. This solution may be an electron donor or an electron stealer. This is dependant on the pH of our inner milieu.