Super EWOT Ozone Sauna & Closed Colon Hydrotherapy

Digest has been designed to gently cleanse and stimulate your detox pathways.

In doing so, your cells and organs can more effectively do what they are designed to do.

This leads to better gut health, and a digestive tract that functions the way it should.

Wellness Programs - Ozone Wellness

Ozone Wellness – Balance Program

What to expect

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Ozone Sauna

You’ll enjoy 30 minutes in our Ozone Sauna while breathing in oxygen.

Infused with ozone, the steam opens up pores, relaxes muscles, increases blood flow to the colon, and stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

It also boosts oxygen levels so cells efficiently produce energy for detoxing and regenerating.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Closed Colon Hydrotherapy

Next, you’ll meet our Certified Colon Hydrotherapist for Closed Colon Hydro Therapy. Her unique technique hydrates the colon and stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System to naturally enhance the Colon’s function and release toxins and waste from the bowel. The session ends in a Gerson coffee enema that stimulates liver function and enhance your detox pathways.

We also have a choice of an anti inflammatory enema or a prebiotic and probiotic enema depending on what your gut needs.