Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Boosting cells with oxygen, naturally

Thanks to Dr Manfred Von Ardenne

In the middle of the last Century, a German physicist — Dr Manfred Von Ardenne — discovered the amazing curative effects of what he described as “Multi Step Oxygen Therapy”. Over the years Von Ardenne’s research has become known as EWOT — Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.

EWOT is different to any other form of Oxygen therapy, including Oxygen Bars, Hyperbaric Chambers, and the type of medical oxygen therapy given to patients suffering certain illnesses.

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What to expect

How it works

Our bodies need oxygen to survive, of course, but additional oxygen helps to reduce trauma and stress. A boost of oxygen in addition to what we normally get from breathing helps our bodies to work even better to keep us healthy. That’s the idea behind EWOT, or Exercising With Oxygen Therapy.

If you get a major injury, the first thing an EMT will do is put an oxygen mask on your face. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t breathe or that you are not getting enough oxygen to your lungs, or that your lungs were hurt. It simply reduces the amount of stress on your body and prevents additional damage caused by physical stress. You’ll end up healing or recovering much quicker.

When your body is under any kind of stress, oxygen is burnt up in your cells much faster than normal. The resultant increase in Oxygen demand is often not met , which can lead to cell damage and their reduced capacity to function normally. Your brain needs more oxygen than any other part of your body, about 25% of all the oxygen you breathe in goes to your brain.

Cancer, along with many other diseases, thrive in oxygen poor environments. Our bodies age and die because of the process of oxygen in our cells. When there isn’t enough oxygen, our cells start to die off. When cells die off more and more, our bodies begin to weaken rendering us more prone to illness.

When we exercise, our bodies burn up a lot more oxygen, which is what causes us to breathe heavier when we are working our muscles harder. Our hearts also have to pump faster to get more oxygen to the muscles and other parts of the body. This is why it’s so important to breathe correctly when we work out.
If you work out strenuously on a regular basis, you will need quite a bit of oxygen to support your body. Yes, exercise is good for you, but EWOT will give your body the boost that it needs. It helps to get the most out of your work out. You will burn more calories, and you’ll build muscle quicker. You’ll also feel more and more energetic and have a lot more stamina.

Please note the information on this page is general advice. Please consult with your Medical Practitioner before performing any form of exercise.

How to Maximize Your Oxygen Levels During Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

1. Focus on Your Breathing and breath through your nose.

Supplemental oxygen is useless if your breathing technique is incorrect. That might sound harsh, but it is very much the truth. During exercise, it is too easy to shift your focus toward other things and lose sight of your breathing technique.

Concentrating on each breath during exercise alone can make a big difference in your oxygen levels.

2. Avoid insufficient oxygen levels by keeping a continuous flow of Oxygen during your workout to get a constant stream of oxygen.

This will ensure that you get enough oxygen to keep up with your body’s increased demand. (Please note: Always consult with your physician first to make sure this approach will fit with your medical needs.)

3. Take breaks.

Working out is hard for everyone, so it is perfectly acceptable to take breaks during your routine.

The great thing about taking breaks while using supplemental oxygen is that you can replenish your blood oxygen levels at regular intervals—and be ready for the next round. Every break will give your body a chance to recharge.

Always start by taking more frequent breaks. You could always work your way up based on how you feel.

4. Use Oxygen During Your Cool-Down.

After each workout, it is a good habit to reduce your heart rate gradually with a cool-down phase. This can be as simple as reducing your perceived effort by half every minute until your heart rate is closer to your baseline. Cool-downs can also help you relax and even prevent muscle soreness. Interestingly, oxygen can also do the same thing.

When your body has enough oxygen, you will feel more relaxed, your heart rate will slow down, and your body will have enough oxygen to counteract the inflammation that leads to muscle soreness. So when you perform a cool-down, continue to use supplemental oxygen, so your body has enough to recover appropriately.

Lets Recap Benefits

Enhanced fitness and athletic performance

Using EWOT as part of a training regime, athletes benefit from faster recovery, higher workload tolerance, improved oxygen uptake, and improved mental acuity. Just 15 minutes of contrast training with EWOT gives all the beneficial fitness effects of an hour of intense workout. Excellent results can be achieved at any level of fitness.


As we get older, we slow down. This results in less oxygen getting into our cells. EWOT can radically change cellular oxygenation leaving you feeling — and looking — years younger.

Improved recovery

The benefits of improved oxygen circulation can be experienced by anyone, regardless of illness or injury. In fact, EWOT speeds up recovery and strengthens the immune system.

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen Therapy Perth

Oxygen Therapy Perth

Our body needs oxygen to survive, but often people confuse the need for oxygen in their cells with the oxygen you get from breathing through your lungs. With oxygen therapy in Perth, you feed your body “super oxygen” in the form of Ozone. In the Ozone chamber, your body can absorb this super oxygen and put it to use in your cells for revitalisation and restoration.

By giving your cells more fuel to do their work, you will provide your entire body with a boost in healing and optimal functioning, thanks to a therapy that has been used for over 150 years.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Most clients can see improved immunity, decreased stress levels, and increased circulation and blood flow after their sessions. Your session will take place in an Ozone sauna chamber where the steam will open your pores to better absorb the Ozone into your blood, lymph and fat cells to enhance the cells’ natural functions.