Here are answers to some common questions

Ozone Wellness
What do I need to bring with me when receiving any of your treatments?

You don’t need to bring anything special. We provide you with all for your visit needed equipment. The only thing required is a a unique mindset. Read here for more information.

For EWOT: Don’t fortget your personal reusable mask, if you already have one.


Can I finish my 4-weeks plan in less than 4 weeks? Do I have to stick to a certain frequency per week?

You can definitely finish your 4 week program in less than 4 weeks. Generally to achieve results, you should at least do 1 treatment a week, an extra week is allowed for any changes in your schedule and one’s busy life that can get in the way sometimes. However again to achieve the results that you desire, you cannot complete it in more than 4 weeks.

What about my 8-weeks plan, do I have to finish it in 8 weeks and what about the frequency of my visits?

The same applies. Generally to achieve results, you should at least do 1 treatment a week, an extra 2 weeks are allowed for any changes in your schedule and one’s busy life that can get in the way sometimes. However again to achieve the results that you desire, you cannot complete it in more than 8 weeks.

Why do you put a timeframe to complete the program?

Our programs are based on personal experience and the experience of all the people we’ve helped. Like you, we want to achieve results and want you to coop the full benefit of your chosen treatments, that’s why we are strict on timeframes. As usual, commitment and focus are the basis for experiencing positive change. Read more about our programs.

Do you do Ozone Autohemotherapy (ozone in the blood)?

No, we don’t. We deliver Ozone through our Ozone Saunas, the safest and simplest way of delivering Ozone.

What are the side effects of Ozone Saunas? I’m very sensitive and I’m afraid I might get a reaction with Ozone?

Ozone sauna is the simplest and safest method to deliver Ozone to the whole body. It works on all your detox pathways and your nervous system. With anyone who’s had no prior experience with Ozone, we start with a low concentration and we deliver Ozone for a shorter period of time.

The session is still the same length as the rest of the time, the chamber is infused with Oxygen. Oxygen with steam (form the Ozone sauna) helps to oxygenate our cells, allowing them to work better and achieve revitalising benefits. The body builds tolerance to Ozone as it becomes more familiar with it, so in subsequent visits, we increase Ozone concentration and duration.

Ozone saunas are like exercise to the body, by time, you can increase intensity and duration.

I’ve heard that my genes can have an effect on whether I get a reaction after an Ozone treatment, is that correct and if yes, do I need to get a genetic profile?

This is controversial and mainly applies for Ozone through the blood and if you introduce a high concentration initially. For more detailed information please visit this website.

Are there any contraindications to Ozone treatment?

Ozone is very safe if delivered properly. The main contraindication could be a very overactive and uncontrolled Thyroid.

Please consult your health care provider or doctor if you are unsure.

I’ve recently had surgery, which program do you recommend to speed my recovery?

We strongly recommend our Wellness Program. Red light speeds recovery and reduces pain and inflammation and Ozone sauna oxygenates and hydrates the body as well as stimulating all detox pathways to release toxins and cleanse the body.

I have inflammation in my arm joints and can’t lift or use my arm, what program do you recommend?

We highly recommend our 4 week or 8 week Relief program. This can reduce inflammation and pain greatly, together with Frankincense oil applied locally on the area and Curcumin (activated Tumeric) between visits, can massively help.

I’ve recently had bowel surgery, when can I get a Colon hydrotherapy (colonic)?

We recommend 3 months recovery before getting a colonic if you’ve had bowel surgery. Please also speak to your surgeon and follow his/her recommendation.

You have different types of enemas, which one do you recommend I should start with?

We generally recommend starting with a coffee enema to support your liver and detox pathways. Susanna, our Colon hydrotherapist will advise you on a program of different enemas if she sees that necessary.

Can I get a rebate from my health fund when I receive your treatments?

No, at this stage, our services don’t fall in this category.

How many sessions of Colon hydrotherapy (colonic) would you recommend?

Thats a very good question and generally depends on where you are at in your healing journey. Its quite common that people need 2-3 colonics if they haven’t had one in the last 6 months to cleanse the colon.

Do you recommend having a regular Colon hydro therapy (colonic) treatment?

The colon builds plaque and undigested food and thus can become a habitat for unwanted bacteria. Its strongly recommended to get a colonic every 6 months for a healthy colon. This is very similar to getting a dental clean every 6 months.

Can you wash away the minerals and healthy bacteria by a colonic (colon Hydrotherapy)?

Yes, you can if you do a very lengthy colonic or if you are not guided by a trained and experience therapist (like with an open colonics system). Susanna Woodhouse has 14+ years of experience in the field and has a diploma in natural therapies. You will be very well supported during the process.

Can 2 people go into the Infra Red Sauna together?

Yes, the infra red Sauna has room for 2 people.

Can 2 people go into the float together?

Yes, we have one of the biggest float rooms in the world, that can definitely fit 2 people. However, we highly recommend 1 person to go in at a time.

When you have a float, you can go into a very deep sleep, also you can move around in the water. If you bump into another person, it can ruin your experience and wake you up from a very deep and much needed sleep.

What type of salt due you use in your float room?

We use natural German epsom salts derived from the mountains that have not been modified in anyway. To the contrary to other magnesium salts, that are derived from industrial processes and could be heavily contaminated with heavy metals including mercury.

Do I need to wear bathers to the float or to the Ozone Sauna?

You can if you want to, its more comfortable for many to not wear anything. You are always alone in the room and your privacy is our utmost priority.

Can 2 people have Colon hydrotherapy at the same time?

At this stage, we only have 1 operating colon hydro therapy machine and 1 therapist, so only one person can have a colon hydrotherapy at a time.

Do you use oils and products to help with during a colon hydrotherapy?

Yes, we use different types of Young Living essential oils to help you during your treatment. The choice depends on what your body is experiencing at the time of treatment.

I’m so fatigued, I can’t exercise, what do you recommend I do to help?

We strongly recommend our Wellness program and coupling the Ozone Sauna with an Oxygen Mask. After a period of time depending on where you are, you will find that you can start to exercise.

Can the EWOT help my breathing at night? I snore a lot and wake up really tired?

EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) can greatly help with this. People have reported higher energy levels and much improved sleep with EWOT and especially when combining it with Red light or doing the full Vitality program.

Can I share the EWOT mask or the Oxygen mask for the Ozone Sauna with my partner?

Please purchase your personalised mask that no one else would use. Sharing masks is highly not recommended!

What to bring

To start your journey at Ozone Wellness, you only need to bring a unique mindset.

Let us share with you the power of your mindset.

Source Energy

Through our healing journey, we’ve come to realise that OUR electrical circuit power source, is the continuous never ending Source of energy that creates worlds. Its the same energy that grows plants, runs through oceans, keeps our sun and creates newborns. We can call this “Source energy”.

If we have lowered energy and chronic illnesses, your body is telling you that you need to work on the connection to this Source energy. Its a unique opportunity to heal yourself by really getting to know yourself, your purpose and your mission.

How to retune the connection to Source Energy


Mindfulness is a mental state where you are focused on and aware of the present moment. It involves acknowledging, accepting and understanding your emotions, thoughts and sensations and is an effective way of paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that allows you to respond to your emotions with a greater sense of clarity and wisdom, as opposed to acting out of habit. YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF!

Understanding the power of intention in everything we do. Your healing will come from the flow of energy through your body from Source energy. Realise that the fruit of your work is through your intention” Focus your intention on accessing Source energy and drawing that energy through your body , mind and spirit. Everything comes through practice and takes time.


Belief that you are already where you want to be even if you still haven’t experienced its physical manifestation. Our mind can offer the biggest blockage to the flow of energy. Remember energy has to flow first and then physical manifestation of wellness will follow.

The reverse is also very true, energy has to be blocked first and then physical manifestation of illness will follow.

Allowing time and creating the right environment to meditate , when you give yourself time, it will give you back your life.


The power of slowing down . Slowing down and focusing inwards will help you heal and eventually be able to operate from your heart space.

This is when time works with you and not against you. Slowing down allows you to realise your fears.

Your fear might be of lack of time, or fearing other people’s judgement, or fear from previous experiences. Realising those fears and how they affect you will help you overcome it, because you will realise that its fear from an illusion.

All you have on this planet is time. The past is the past, when we rethink it, we re live it.


Focusing on positive healing thoughts , letting go of destructive judgemental , negative thoughts.

All theses impede the flow of energy from our pure positive Energy source.


Surrounding yourself with likeminded people to benefit from their influence.

The time will come where you are the influencer and not be influenced by negative energies around you.


The power of knowing that you are here on this planet for a purpose, you and only you can fulfil this purpose.

What you are experiencing is part of your journey, it will pass like everything passes, the blessing lies in what you learnt from the experience.


Learning patience is one of the main qualities we came here to learn, only patience and trust in this Source energy can get us through our journey.


Knowing that you are safe wherever you are, no matter what you are going through, is a key in healing. Anxiety stems from the feeling of unsafely.

Feeling unsafe is an illusion because we are all protected by a Universal Single Energy Source.


Knowing that everything happens in Order, what we see as negative is often the one thing that can teach generations.

Its all about how we view and see things around us.


Knowing that starting a healing journey is an exciting but difficult path. One can mask symptoms by various drugs but if you are reading this website, this is not the path that you want.

Healing involves raising your frequency to a higher frequency than you are in now, it involves letting go of anger, resentment, fear, hatred and substituting that we love, joy, happiness and hope.

There is no limit to the amount of healing that you can achieve. ONLY You can do it!