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At Ozone Wellness, our ultimate goal is to support your body and enhance its ability to do what it’s already capable of — self-healing.

We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs.

Our packages and single modalities utilise a range of unique natural therapies. Before you book your session, you might find it helpful to explore what it will entail by learning more about each specific offering.

Services - Ozone Wellness

The aim of our centre is to establish a true mind body connection and eventually correct the disconnection that is often present with chronic disease.

We have thus created different programs to fulfil various people’s requirements. 

These programs cater for the healthy individual who wants to sustain longevity, the chronically ill person looking for wellbeing and healing and the very fit people and athletes looking to boost their performance. It practically caters for everybody!

View our Wellness Programs and Single Modalities to learn more!

Ozone Wellness

Wellness Programs

Grounded in natural therapies, our packages are carefully, scientifically designed and delivered to cater to a range of health concerns and improve overall wellness.

Wellness Programs - Ozone Wellness


Resume your healing process and body regulation by stimulating circulation and oxygenating body tissues.

Wellness Programs - Ozone Wellness


Experience Life as you should. Relief pain and inflammation naturally.

Set your body for the healing journey.

Wellness Programs - Ozone Wellness


Take back control over your life , by allowing your nervous system to cool down and harmonise. Enjoy the simplicity of life and determine your life’s mission and priorities.

Wellness Programs - Ozone Wellness


Resume your healing process. Feel Your inner wisdom and strength.

Further Tap into aspects of body regulation.

Wellness Programs - Ozone Wellness

Stress Away

Stop stress from affecting your body, behaviours, your feelings and thoughts. Take time for yourself and restore your energy.

Wellness Programs - Ozone Wellness


The foundation of overall health.
Rest and Digest, enhance detox and nutrient absorption. Start Building and regeneration.

Ozone Wellness

Single Modality Treatments

Each modality is a unique. We’re here to tell you about some of the most unique spa services that you’re sure to love! From reduced stress and pain relief to improved skin and anti-aging.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Red Light Therapy

When we talk about Red Light Therapy, we’re really talking about a process called Photobiomodulation.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Ozone Sauna Therapy

You’ll be seated in a special Ozone Sauna cabin that enhances the body’s natural body defences through ozone-infused steam and hot air.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Infrared Sauna

Our Clearlight Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna uses wavelengths in the visible and non-visible sunlight spectrum that normally heat the body.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

In the middle of the last Century, a German physicist discovered the amazing curative effects of what he described as “Multi Step Oxygen Therapy”.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Float Therapy

Primarily used for relaxation, float experiences reduce external stimulation such as sound, touch and light. The salt water is extremely buoyant which makes it easy to float.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop technique is a powerful technique using essential oils that was developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s. It combines several modalities to bring balance and transformation.

Single Modality Treatments - Ozone Wellness

Colon Hydrotherapy

Closed Colon Hydrotherapy is an integral part of our Digest program, which has been designed to gently stimulate your detox pathways.