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Ozone Wellness

Linda Freier

“Super friendly, helpful and empathetic team!

I did the oxygen and colon hydrotherapy and if I had any questions or concerns during and after therapy they took their time to listen and answer all my questions supporting me on my healing journey which made me feel very well looked after as an individual.

I absolutely recommend it!”

Joann Michelle

“Ozone Wellness is a sanctuary and a place that I have personally found to be above and beyond when it comes to healing, wellness, holistic treatments and above all – the care and service is exceptional.

Worlds ahead when it comes to supporting the body’s health, I can’t recommend enough this space as a part of your wellness journey.

We are so lucky to have such a place in Perth!”

Marylin Forbes

“As a regular, I always look forward to visiting Ozone Wellness and do so by the Mandurah line train and bus to Karrinyup Centre.

It is the most amazing heart centred space. Karim, Noha and Kathrine radiate love and kindness, offering in their amazing space with affordable up-to-date technology. They deserve great success.”

Jodie Gerrard

“Ozone Wellness is an epic experience.

The oxygen therapy session left me feeling invigorated and refreshed. Breathing in oxygen and relaxing in the pod was a great way to let-go, restore, and re-energise. Karim is super-knowledgeable and guided me through the process and a meditation that would take me through the whole 30 minutes.

The red light therapy was equally impressive in terms of its health benefits.

What sets Ozone Wellness apart is their incredibly well fitted out and relaxing facility, which just has a deep and healing energy. The friendly and professional people who work here further enhanced the overall experience.

Ozone Wellness is highly recommended for your wellness journey.”

Eniko Nehez

I am totally amazed with Ozone Wellness, The Bio-Enhancing Studio. I had bursitis in my shoulder. It was really inflamed and I couldn’t move it. It’s not nice when you are in pain.

I visited Noha and she set up a program for me that included her red light therapy and infrared sauna. It was such a good experience using her services and feeling the difference each time. After about 4 weeks the pain in my shoulder almost completely disappeared.

I’m totally amazed and grateful! I highly recommend Ozone Wellness, The Bio-Enhancing Studio. Thank you.”

Joshua McNess

“Went yesterday as was referred by a friend. AND I just loved it. Tarn was awesome, made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I had the Digestive Program.

When I left and got in the car, I noticed how the world around slowed down I felt calmer and focused, the big notice for me is that I was breathing deeper.

Admittedly I went to the gym for a 30 minute treadmill walk, because I had heaps of energy and still do. Plus I had the best nights sleep.

Tarn is full of knowledge, and I would highly recommend to anyone, have booked myself in for next month.”

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