Ozone Wellness

Experience our unique approach to wellness to achieve life-enhancing results.

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Our Vision

Creating an inner milieu changing experience through cellular nourishment, nervous system regulation and detox aiming to reach a higher state of balance and wellbeing through:

  • Improving Blood Flow and micro circulation
  • Increasing Oxygen levels and cellular oxygenation
  • Re establishing nervous system harmony and balance
  • Slowly and gently Detoxing your body
  • Re establishing effective cellular communication
Ozone Wellness

Our Services

It was our experience and journey through chronic health issues that relying on one modality is not enough but rather combining different modalities chosen in a specific order to achieve a certain purpose is the path to follow to experience the change.

Our programs and single modalities are suitable for everybody – for the healthy individual who wants to sustain longevity, the chronically ill person looking for wellbeing and healing and the very fit people and athletes looking to boost their performance.

Ozone Wellness

Our Team

Our professional team is here to support your journey.

Our Team - Ozone Wellness
Ozone Wellness


Complement traditional treatments

Designed to holistically enhance and support healthcare.

Our services are a natural complementary approach to traditional medicines. Our modalities are known to speed up healing processes, reduce chronic condition side-effects, and more. While some clients choose to reduce or replace traditional treatments with our alternate ones, we always recommend seeking suitable medical advice.