Float Therapy

Experience anti-gravity wellness

With our custom designed BPA free Float Room

In a city with a constant buzz, our systems rarely experience (if ever) the isolation and silence that a float tank environment provides. Primarily used for relaxation, float experiences reduce external stimulation such as sound, touch and light.

The salt water (a solution of water and Epsom Salts) is extremely buoyant which makes it easy to float. Our Floating experience creates complete sensory deprivation and thus a feeling of supreme relaxation, but there are also a significant number of health benefits.

Relax, recharge, refresh with one of the first BPA free Float rooms in the world.

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What to expect

How it works

Not having to fight gravity lets your muscles, joints, and bones take a well-deserved break. Your body suddenly has loads of extra resources, which can be refocused on healing and resting.

About 40-minutes into your float, the brain stops producing its normal alpha-waves and starts producing theta-waves. These are responsible for that ‘between-waking-and-sleeping’ state — you make them naturally in the seconds before sleep. While it only lasts for a few moments in your bed, you can achieve a prolonged theta-state as you float. Theta brainwaves produce deep mental and physical relaxation, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety levels. Through accessing theta brainwaves, your intuition will heighten. This state of consciousness is usually only seen in people who have spent years practicing meditation.

Floatation benefits

Relaxation, meditation & heightened senses

Floating generates a sensation of being intensely awake yet extremely relaxed. It can induce theta-state brainwaves and allows for one to remain conscious in this frequency, instead of falling asleep.

The tank suppresses the functioning of the Sympathetic Nervous System (responsible for our fight or flight response), and activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is responsible for relaxation, healing, and replenishment. You’ll notice a decrease in muscle tension, blood pressure, stress, as well as an increase in endorphins. Where senses ae concerned, you’ll experience visual acuity, improved tactile perception, improved auditory sensitivity, and increased taste sensitivities after floating.

Pain management & enhanced healing

In addition to being rich in Magnesium , the density of the Epsom Salt solution creates an anti-gravity environment which lowers sensory stimulation. This can provides relief from chronic muscular back pain, neck pain, and generalised body aches commonly experienced with chronic illnesses and conditions.

Floating also increases blood circulation to extremities promoting greater elimination of metabolic by products, this boosts your healing process and reduces pain resultant from poor circulation.

Pyschoneuroimmunology (pni)

This is a multidisciplinary approach to how well our immune system functions based on our state of mind. It correlates having a positive healthy state of mind with a well-functioning immune system.

Some research has even shown how focusing on an injury of diseased area of the body with positive feelings of a healing intention has improved recovery rates from various ailments.

Magnesium absorption

The extremely high concentration of Epsom Salts are absorbed through skin and can actually supplement your diet for a mineral that has been shown to be deficient in the average populations diet.

Magnesium can aid in prevention of cardiovascular disease, can regulate high blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis, relieve menopause symptoms, provide PMS relief, create healthier bones and teeth, and detoxify.


Going throughout our daily routines we get “numb” to so much around us.

The “resetting” experience provided by our float room can shift us out of this automated existence and bring us into greater awareness of the things we are often over-looking, less aware of or insensitive to, and not appreciating — our work, family, environments, and so on.

Behavior modification & super-learning

With zero outward distractions, your attention is redirected inward. Habitual thought-pattern recognition and analysis can be clearly self-discovered. Various forms of mental programming and reprogramming become very powerful tools to re-evaluate and change your thoughts with clarity and repetition.

With the brain being held in a theta-state, the mind becomes hyper-suggestible. The mind is able to absorb new material very deeply with research showing improved performance in memory and recall activities.

Brain synchronisation

Floating induces greater brain hemisphere synchronisation (communication between the right and left sides of the brain). These synchronising reactions can cause elevated states of creativity, greater non-linear connections, and deeper realizations.

This allows visualisation to become very powerful. From athletes preparing for competition to public speakers rehearsing a presentation, the tank can induce the calm needed to perform at ones best. Mental rehearsal research has shown it to be just as practical as physical rehearsal.

Increased immune function

The immune function is enhanced by suppressing stress hormones, stress hormones not only weaken the immune system, but also suppress digestive and reproductive systems.

Stress hormones affect regeneration processes, and decrease insulin sensitivity.


Floating and the relaxation response it induces floods the body with endorphins.

These neurotransmitters are responsible for relieving pain, enhancing our mood (decreasing feelings of depression to potentially generating feelings of euphoria), suppressing our appetite, and reducing anxiety.

Sensitivity buffering

Floating can help with regaining of the feelings of safety and security.

People with constantly busy minds can develop greater internal sensitivity and can help with quietening of the mind and being in the moment.

Improved sleep

The change in physical and mental states may put your body and mind to rest much easier each night. 1 hour of sleep while floating is equivalent to 4-6 hours of deep sleep.

So, if you pulled an all-nighter, suffer from insomnia, or have a baby who never lets you sleep, floating can help make up for any lack of sleep you may experiencing.

Superior floating sensations

Powered by Superior

At Ozone Wellness, we have a Superior Float Room— an industry-top manufacturer of therapeutic floatation tanks and equipment.

Float Therapy Perth
Float Therapy Perth


Even the magnesium-based Epsom Salts we use in the tank are good for you. They soften and replenish your skin, and help counteract the magnesium deficiency that most of us have due to depleted magnesium levels in our soil.

Sanitation science

The Micron Filtration System and attached Unity Controller in our tanks are elegantly designed and allow for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. The EPA rated Peroxone System is the strongest water sanitation system for float tanks.

The Micron Filtration System allows for locating the filtration and control system in a room separate from the float pod or room. With the filtration unit remotely located, you can exit the float tank in a peaceful, relaxed state (you’re not forced to listen to the pump running during the filtration cycle). It also keeps the room and equipment cleaner.

Our tanks scientifically produce hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals are the most powerful oxidation agents available, quickly destroying bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other contaminants that occur in water.

Hydroxyl radicals also destroy chlorine and bromine resistant microorganisms, such as Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia and E.Coli.

The Micron Filtration System’s custom X-100 filter is able to filter particles from the water to one micron in size and is now both NSF 50 and FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration).

Standard pool and spa filter cartridges only filter to 20 – 30 microns and require regular cleaning.

This is the first ever NSF 50 filtration unit that uses the one micron bag filters exclusive to Superior Float Tanks, and comes with an easily convertible between bag filter and cartridge filter housing with our adapter plate.

Sanitation science
Float Tank Therapy Perth

Float Tank Therapy Perth

You may have heard that the one benefit of float tank therapy in Perth is weightlessness and sensory deprivation, giving you a sense of supreme relaxation. There are many other benefits to the therapy.

What You Can Expect From Float Pool Therapy

Floating weightlessly brings a new calm and relaxation you might not have experienced before, along with:

  • Pain management and healing. During your time in the floatation room, all tension and pressure on your back or neck disappear, along with any pain or tenseness your typically experience. It gives you ultimate relief.
  • Increased immune function. Your digestion and immune system can function better by suppressing the stress hormone. You will feel revitalised and rejuvenated after your session, as you will also experience a rush of endorphins that will lift your mood.
  • Improved mental state. By entering a theta brainwave state, you give your mind and soul time to do introspection and to do a reset to return to the world a more relaxed, balanced and mindful human.

Revitalise your mind, body, and soul by experiencing weightlessness and sensory deprivation in our flotation room.